LiteMage Cache Now Available for Magento 2

After we added LiteMage Cache support to our Magento hosting platform last year, it has helped store owners dramatically improve their page speed with very little efforts, thanks to the built-in caching functionality of the LiteSpeed Enterprise web server and the Litemage Magento extension. Until now the Litemage feature has only been available for Magento 1.x which was unfortunate since more and more users are making the leap to Magento 2.

Today LiteSpeed announced LiteMage 2, which is finally Magento 2 compatible! LiteMage 2 simplifies your stack (requiring only the LiteMage Extension and LiteSpeed Web Server) while providing greater performance gains than either Magento’s built-in PageCache or Varnish. In the majority of cases LiteMage Cache can improve your stores’ performance out-of-box, with no extra configuration necessary. This is possible as LiteMage is built directly into LiteSpeed Web Server, allowing HTTPS, HTTP/2, and cached pages to all be handled in a single application.

LiteMage takes Magento 2’s improved performance and turbo-charges it, bringing the speed, scalability, and ease-of-use you’ve come to expect from LiteSpeed to Magento’s newest platform.

LiteMage Cache is included free of charge on all ProperHost Magento hosting plans, and can be purchased as an optional addon on our dedicated and cloud servers. Feel free to contact our support department if you have any questions.