Happy Holidays from ProperHost

Happy Holidays

As we are entering this year's festive season I want to take this opportunity to thank all our clients for their continuous support and cooperation in the past year, and reminisce over some of the highlights in 2015. 2015 was an exciting year for ProperHost where we continued to evolve and add new features to improve our services.

LiteMage Cache
LiteMage Cache, the world's fastest Magento full page cache, was added as a new feature to our Magento hosting platform. LiteMage significantly increases the speed of any Magento store, and if you have not yet read the LiteMage case study I recommend you to check it out.

EU (UK) Data Center added
Due to popular demand, we added a state-of-the-art data center facility in London to our available server locations to better serve users within the European region.

New client area and website
In May we finally released our long-awaited new website and revamped client area, which offered a fresh new look and improved navigation and page structure.

Among the less pleasant events, 2015 was also the year that Magento was faced with some serious security threats. The infamous Magento Shoplift Exploit spread like fire in the first months of the year, and unfortunately thousands of store owners had their sites compromised. As recent as in October, the GuruIncSite JavaScript malware was disclosed, again affecting a large group of users. If you have not already done so, please scan your Magento shop for known vulnerabilities and apply the necessary security patches.

Before we leave 2015 for good and welcome 2016, I especially want to turn your attention towards what might be the hottest topic at the moment - namely Magento 2.0. After several years in development and various rumors circulating, Magento 2.0 was officially released last month. Although it is still in early stages and not many merchants have converted yet, Magento 2.0 is arguably going to play an important role in the future of ecommerce. Just like ProperHost was one of the first hosts to introduce Magento optimized hosting back in 2008, we have worked hard behind the scenes to bring to you the first true Magento 2.0 optimized hosting. I am thrilled to announce that ProperHost's new range of Magento 2.0 compatible hosting packages will be launched in January 2016!

Finally, we have an early Christmas present for you... For the remainder of 2015 we offer 25% OFF FOR LIFE on all Magento hosting, cloud and dedicated server plans*! To get the discount use coupon RHGK5M66Q8 or place your order using this direct link. If you are considering adding a new server or hosting one more Magento project, now is a good time to receive a great saving.

* This offer applies to new orders only

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all your friends at ProperHost!